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Hi! My name is Rick, and I love photography. What began as an avid interest has since become my passion. I love to capture on film the natural world, from the smallest of nature’s gifts to the most magnificent, like the awe-inspiring Tetons of Jackson Hole, the unique phenomena and beauty of Yellowstone, and the endless, gorgeous skies of Wyoming. From the impressive bison to the tiniest wildflower, I will produce the most superb photo art. That is a major source of joy for me.

I am also fascinated with the process of portraying the people out west, from the wide-eyed wonder of youth to the weathered, wise and time-worn faces of the aged. In essence, YOU are my focus! I love the challenge of creating a casual image of you that is natural and candid, yet I also find rewarding the skillful and innovative use of props and backgrounds to enhance your posed portrait. Check out my web site for examples of my work. I think you will agree my portfolio is nothing short of amazing. The remarkable color is rich and vibrant, and the quality is unsurpassed.

A few of my photos are award-winning!

Photography is a dynamic art form. Through the medium of photography our traditions become treasures to behold; we communicate visually and with genuine fidelity; we can virtually stop time! In this age of the digital computer, a photograph can literally be transformed into an oil painting with the appearance of brush strokes, or into the transparent quality of a watercolor. The image can look exactly like a pen or pencil sketch, or be printed on photo paper or canvas. The wide range of choices is intriguing to be sure!

A portrait, beautifully matted and framed, is a joy now and also a preserved memory for posterity. A 20” X 30” is the perfect size to display over your fireplace mantel, above your sofa or among the staircase gallery.

I would love to meet you and your family, including your pets, and discuss ways of putting YOU in the picture.

Contact me today at or (307) 632-0588, and let’s begin our journey together to create that lasting image. My prices are competitive, and I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee ~ always!